Labor Market Information

Labor market information (LMI) is a powerful tool that enables:

Employers to make informed business decisions regarding; occupational projections, employment statistics, education and training providers, economic news, wage and salary data, projected number of area new hires, their ages, earnings of incumbent workers, and area turnover rates,
Job seekers      to make knowledgeable career choices, and to stay informed on the local, state and national labor market trends.

Researchers, Planners &

to effectively allocate resources, and to aid in monitoring and assessing many of the pertinent issues related to the functioning of labor markets.

to forecast occupational demand, levels and trends in local area employment.

To meet this community need, The City of San Bernardino Employment and Training Agency, America's Job Center of California is committed to providing access to timely, accurate and relevant labor market information about the Inland Empire Region.